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RiskActivator™ Overview Print


Integrated solution

  • Enterprise level features
  • Latest technologies
  • Intuitive framework
  • Applies risk policy
  • Interactive reporting

Full Service Delivery

  •  Consulting
  •  Customisation
  •  Implementation
  •  Review
  •  Project Management




RiskActivator™ is designed to support your overall enterprise risk framework by managing the relevant policies and processes and providing interactive reports across any geographical, departmental or system boundaries.


    The solution ensures the effective management of these controls through the application of consistent definitions across the organisation. This promotes a coordinated governance and compliance approach to the various regulatory requirements and internal policies.


RiskActivator™ is implemented in to your operational environment enabling the identification and management of risks in real time as they occur. This mitigation can be either through initiating a manual interaction or via proactive procedure steps i.e. no manual intervention.

The real time interactive reporting adds a further dimension to supporting the risk framework by providing the conduit to making timely and informed decisions. In turn this leads to greater business agility for organizations in today’s competitive environment.


    RiskActivator™ supports the need for greater adaptability by making changes easy to perform through an intuitive framework. These changes can be deployed without the need for hard-coding requirements, thus reducing both the time required to make a change, and overall IT costs.

RiskActivator™ Components - An Integrated Solution


Comprises of the software platform that puts your policies in to action. The solution uses Vitria’s M3O software suite which offers the following capabilities.



For further information on the Integrated Solution component please refer to RiskActivator™ Details page.

Full Service Delivery


    As a trusted partner of Vitria, we combine our business experience in the Financial Services industry with our understanding the M3O software suite to produce a quality solution, customised to fit your requirements.

    We believe the most appropriate solution for your needs is derived from a fully consultative approach. We bring to the table our experience and best industry practises, and you provide the specific expertise from your organisation.

If you would like more information, please contact us via the email or telephone details listed below.

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