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“Wow!” is a word we love to hear about Analyzer™, and it’s not unusual for us to hear such exclamations from customers and partners after they have tried Analyzer™, our award-winning Business Intelligence solution.

Unclogging the Dreaded IT Bottleneck

The complexity and cost of many Business Intelligence products has led to the very undesirable situation of users having to rely on a few trained experts (typically in IT) because most managers and employees don’t have the skills required to use these complex BI tools. IT quickly becomes overwhelmed with requests for new reports and users are frustrated at not being able to get the answers they need to run the business.

Self-Service BI

Analyzer allows even non-technical users to become productive and self-sufficient quickly, performing powerful analysis and building visually compelling dashboards and flexible reports. A wide variety of components, including pivot tables, charts, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) scorecards, dashboards, web pages, Reporting Services® reports, geographic maps, heat maps, and more — lets users create custom reports and dashboards just by dragging and dropping.

Mobile BI

More and more people need to access their Business Intelligence reports and dashboards on the go using their iPads, iPhones, BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, or Android smartphones and tablets or Windows Phone 7. Analyzer makes it very easy to build and deploy great-looking, interactive reports and dashboards on all these devices.

Multiple Data Sources

Analyzer gives users the flexibility and fast response capabilities they need by providing direct access to multiple data sources including Excel files (any version), Access files, Oracle/SQL Server/MySQL relational tables, and SQL Server Analysis Services multidimensional cubes and Tabular (xVelocity) in memory data sources. In addition, with Analyzer you can directly access Microsoft BISM’s Vertipaq-based Tabular models and PowerPivot cubes.

Visual Data Discovery

Analyzer supports Visual Data Discovery by allowing users to explore their data in an intuitive, visual way which literally lets them “see” what is happening in the business, without needing to know in advance what questions to ask. Analyzer provides an array of Visual Data Discovery tools and visualizations including Heat Maps, Bullet graphs, Spark lines, Trellis charts (small multiples), Geographic maps, as well as Analyzer’s built-in Discover function.

100% Zero-footprint BI –  using Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox

As Business Intelligence becomes more pervasive and is made available not only for  internal users, but also customers, partners, distributors, and suppliers, it is essential that reporting and analytics are easy to use, administer, and deploy. Analyzer leads the way, offering users self-service BI through a 100% zero-footprint browser interface that can be accessed from anywhere and requires absolutely no client installations of any kind.

Enterprise, SaaS, and OEM versions

Analyzer is available in an Enterprise version for internal corporate Business Intelligence projects, in a SaaS version for Information Providers who wish to host their Cloud-based Business Intelligence on a multi-tenant platform, and in an OEM version for Solution Providers who wish to integrate Analyzer’s advanced Business Intelligence with their own applications.For SaaS and OEM implementations, Analyzer can be white-labeled as part of  your solution. Analyzer Enterprise can also be bundled with OEM applications with run-time licensing.

The Bottom Line: Better Decision-Making

The result of an Analyzer implementation is more effective, more timely analysis being done by the people who know your business the best, resulting in better decision-making throughout your entire organization.


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