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As your company evolves, the methods that have previously delivered your success may need refining to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

The Forlam Group offers consulting services in business process management, process improvement and process re-engineering to assist you in the optimisation of your business.

Our consulting services can cover the entire process lifecycle, from the analysis and design through to implementation, production and management reporting. In short, we can cover the end to end business process.

We can also assist in the selection and procurement of any modelling tool to ensure it meets your needs.


Forlam Methodologies

We employ industry best practises to ensure we deliver our objectives and exceed your expectations.

Whilst every assignment is different and requires some level of innovation, our experience has shown that projects broadly cover one or more of the following categories:


Process Framework Design
    Through a thorough understanding of your business strategy, we map your policy and process requirements to create a customised framework.

This framework will include any cross functional processes embedded within the devised framework. The framework will cover the key areas, that is, People, Policy, Process, Systems architecture and Performance indicators.

Process Analysis & Modelling

    We help our clients to analyze their “as-is” business processes against the adopted framework to understand the gaps they may have.

    By using the industrial standards such as BPMN and BPEL, we also develop your “to-be” process models. This ensures you get the flexibility in the on-going development and refinement in your projects that in turn will deliver a better return of investment. We also actively promote efficient working procedures such as work based packaging and re-use to optimize the modeling phase.

Process Automation & Execution

Where possible we look to automate your processes and workflows within your organization. By using service-oriented architectures (SOA) technology, we make your business processes communicate with your existing IT systems to leverage your previous investment in IT and erase the line between your IT and business.

We also adopt our complex process management techniques to your business rules, policy and procedures to optimize business performance through the minimization of time and resources.

Process Monitoring & Continuous Improvement

    We can help design suitable dashboards, with appropriate measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to cover your complex business processes across regions, departments, and roles.


Through our Systems Integration service, we can help you to implement this BPM framework to your operational environment. Please refer to the Systems Integration information.

If you would like more information, please contact us via the email or telephone details listed below.

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